ROC Girl Down To Only 5 More Scarves In Winter Strip Poker Game

(Rochester, NY) Only fifteen hours into the strip poker game in Rochester and things are heating up. After removing her winter boots, third hat, fourth pair of socks, second jacket, facemask, thermal headband, and earmuffs, the only girl that agreed to gamble their nudity, is down to just 5 more scarves before the rest of the table sees some vague hoodie cleavage.

With Monroe County living inside of a Winter Storm Warning for what seems like at least the last 7 years, any type of travel in the -15° weather has required residents to wear at least 20 layers to survive.

After 3 hours of indoor heat, things got exciting at a local house party when everyone removed one layer while regaining feeling in their limbs.

Tiffany accidentally removed all three of her gloves revealing the first glimpse of female skin that many of the men at the party had seen since all Rochester women put their cleavage into hibernation in October.

After some convincing, she agreed to play some strip poker if Tommy agreed to crank the heat of the house up at least 20 degrees.

Tommy, the horny idiot, did not think the game would take so long to remove enough layer to see anything close to PornHub. Fifteen hours into the game and it’s still

We reached out to RG&E to find out how much turning up his heat will cost him and they sent us this estimate:

Roughly $1 Million, 16,000 bitcoins, his first born, 80 hours of community service and all of his Kohl’s Cash

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