Older Brother’s Cool Friend Lands Double Kickflip

Henrietta, NY – Lance Kendall couldn’t believe his eyes Thursday afternoon when Jeremy Crews, his older brother’s super cool friend that smokes cigarettes, landed a double kickflip in their driveway. The three boys were reportedly skating around the driveway, waiting for Mrs. Kendall to finish making a dinner of fish sticks and smiley fries.  

The ‘skate sesh’ was pretty normal, according to Kendall. His brother and Jeremy were doing Ollies over a rake handle, while he himself was practicing that trick you do when you can’t actually skate yet where you stand under an upside down board and kick your feet up, turning it rightside up and landing on it. “I’ve gotten really good at that one,” Kendall explains

But the day would soon turn completely awesome. Kendall recounted the experience excitedly to this reporter, saying;

“All the sudden, Jeremy told us to watch him and then he like kicks the board down, and I thought he was just doing a real high Ollie, but then the board starts spinning. And then I was like, ‘woah he’s gunna do a kickflip’ but the board kept spinning. I couldn’t believe it. Man, Jeremy is so cool. He smokes cigarettes, you know? But don’t tell Mom, or he won’t be able to come over anymore.”

Lance Kendall’s older brother Mark confirmed the story, stating that Jeremy did indeed land a double kickflip, a trick in which the board spins a full 720 degrees horizontally, adding, “I can totally land one, too. Also, seriously, don’t tell our Mom about the cigarette thing.”

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