Rochester Local Gains Fame, Is Instantly Forgotten by All

Rochester, NY- With many prestigious institutions, artistic foundations, and intellectual circles, Rochester is a breeding ground for successful people to grow up and leave Rochester. We have so many great people that have come out of this city and it’s surrounding areas, who leave and make they’re name a success. People like…

…uh, people like….well people who have succeded locally, like George Eastman, the creator of the monolithic Kodak empire. Uh, John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb who created the Ray-Ban style of sunglasses and the chain of Bausch & Lomb eye care stores. But, um, lets see what other names found success outside of Rochester!

There’s uh…well he’s from Fairport… but thats close right?

Gosh i just-

-I’m drawing a blank.

uhhh, oh! Oh

Oh oh oh! yeah she’s from around here! uhhh, she…whats her f***ing name..

Yeah! She’s in the new ghostbusters…its on the tip of my tongue, honestly.

Theres also some pretty great musicians that have come out of rochester, yeah, gotta remeber their names!

Like, Uh…

Crap, he’s in Joywave and Big Data? they’re getting pretty big right now, crap where did he move to?

Or, ooorrr uhhhh-

Crap, he was in Foreigner! damn…

I mean, well here’s some others I know I remember.

The Alphabet Killer

2 of the Hillside Stranglers

Arthur Shawcross

So! you know like, a good amount of serial killers but…uhhh…

Oh! no theres another one he’s really up and coming-

Ugh! what is his name? He goes to RIT, he’s an upcoming filmmaker, he’s moving to NYC soon…

Its so weird, it’s like everyone who leaves the city after achieving even slight success is never mentioned again until they crash and burn, or die. Or both! It’d be amazing to hear some good news about people from our hometown area.

In a related story, Rochester local Lane McFaddin was found dead in his home in Rochester, having choked to death after his cat sat on his head when he was asleep.

Rest In Peace Lane.

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