Artist Formerly Alive as Prince Reportedly ‘Killing It’ in Afterlife

Comedian ‘Prince’ has brought his audience to hysterics once again by being proclaimed unresponsive in an elevator in his Paisley Park Compound earlier this week. This is likely to be the entertainers last performance, as it is difficult to regain consciousness after our stupid human bodies are pronounced dead for longer than 24 hours.

Our Resident Chief Director of Seance Communications and K-cup ordering for the office Michelle Brockaur managed to have a tea interview with the recently deceased.

“I’m loving it up here baby,” said Ghost Prince. “Other spirits keep confusing me for Rick James, but there’s no hard feeling”. He would go on to talk about his plans for the coming eternity in the afterlife. “Yeah baby, Me and James Brown got this idea of going on tour up here. From the River Styx to Saint Peters Door, we got connections and hook ups to have some of the greatest shows this dimension has ever known”.

During the interview, Ghost Michael Jackson kept humming and moaning while doing a moonwalk behind Prince. While he was not entertained, Ms. Brockaur went on record to say it was the second best seance she had ever. “Second only to Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams ad libbing the ending to Donnie Darko”.

The musical genius was 57 when he passed. He will be forever missed.

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