An Open Letter to People Writing Open Letters

Stop It. For the love of God, please. I know it’s you Carol. I know that it is you writing all of these open letters because Devon left you. But Jesus Christ woman, get a grip. All of your stories are awful, and they don’t make sense. Between “An Open Letter to My Absentee Dad” to “An Open Letter to My Over Protective Father” I can tell that you have as big of a problem with continuity as Donald Trump has with Mexicans – you know it’s around, so you offensively disregard it anyway.

Do us all a favor, close your MacBook and leave whatever Starbucks you are over infesting with your patchouli scented book bag and your cis-normative femscum bullshit. Go back to your whatever Ann Coulter novel is ‘speaking to you’ this month and leave us alone.

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