Bernie Sanders Rally Gets Interrupted By Literally Hitler

Rochester, NY – A political rally for Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders this past Saturday was brought to a screeching halt when Hitler, the long assumed deceased German dictator, showed up to protest. The rally, held at the Historic German House, was by all accounts a positive experience before Hitler’s arrival. Bernie supporters who had come to hear the Vermont senator’s populist messages were floored by the unexpected interruption.

College student Jake Stevenson had this to say, “I was really stoked to hear Bernie talk, I think he is totally what this country needs. But then, when, like, Hitler showed up, it totally bummed me out. I couldn’t understand what he was saying, ya know? Cuz I don’t speak German or whatever, but he seemed super mad at Bernie. Which is crazy, cuz Bernie is great.”

Reports indicate that the former Nazi leader burst into the room during Sanders’ speech and began screaming in German, pointing at the senator. Attendees of the rally instantly began a counter-protest, a few even throwing their FeelTheBern signs in the Fuhrer’s direction.

Though intense, the scene was short-lived, rally security quickly escorted the disgruntled Hilter off the premises as he howled, “abstimmung Trump,” over and over.
Sanders said this about the incident, “Let me absolutely clear, Hitler can yell and shout all he wants about a Jew running for office, or this or that, or whatever. However, however, I do not want this stunt to detract from the real problem this country faces. Hitler is not the real problem this country faces, I’ll tell you the real problem this country faces. It is that a handful of millionaires and billionaires hold far too much of this country’s wealth. That, that is the real problem.”

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