Hilton Dad Disowns Child For Picking Up Rainbow Colored Easter Eggs

Hilton, NY – A quiet family gathering on Easter Sunday turned into chaos after a father found out his son had picked rainbow-colored Easter eggs.

“Who taught you this?” The man yelled while he examined his son’s Easter basket, I swear if I find out that school has a book about rainbow-colored Easter eggs I will lose my freaking mind!”

After dumping out the Easter eggs the father began pacing back and forth aggressively mumbling under his breath. He then grabbed his son by the collar.

“We only allow red-colored eggs in this household,” he screamed, ” if you don’t like that you can get out!”

He let his son go and began smashing the rainbow-colored eggs. “If you are into that furry Easter bunny stuff too… Oh man, I am done with you! I heard about how they put Easter baskets in the bathroom now! It ain’t right!” He told his son to go to his room and began writing a furious letter to the school district.


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