Main Street Armory Buyer Revealed As Man Who “Really Wants To Bang A Ghost”

Rochester, NY – Many live music fans in Rochester were saddened to hear The Main Street Armory had been sold last month for $550,000 to a mysterious buyer as it could mean concerts in that venue could be done forever.

The city of Rochester refused to renew the Armory’s entertainment license in the days following the deadly crowd surge at their last concert and it appears with the quick sale that the former owners didn’t believe they could win the fight to get it back.

But this turns out to be nothing but baseless speculation because The Innerloop Blog has tracked down the new owner and knows exactly what their intentions are with the infamous building.

“I plan to bang every ghost inside it.”

That is what Raymond Cahill, the new owner of The Armory, said to us before we could even ask him why he bought the property.

“I know people listened to their favorite artists in here but I am mostly into the whole ghost part of this place,” explained Cahill. “I saw one episode of Ghost Hunters with the building and I am pretty sure there’s a bunch of ghouls in here from back when they trained soldiers. Daddy like!”

Raymond did tell us that he plans to keep the live music going as soon as he can get the entertainment license back.

“My theory is all the music stopped the ghosts from wanting to leave the venue. Why haunt somewhere else when you can get a free show every once in a while, you know? I am going to get the musicians back in this place so those cute ghost soldiers don’t go running off and break my heart!”

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