Men Who Chain Smoke in Bathrooms Protest the Main Street Armory Shutdown

Rochester, NY – Ralph Gardner from East Rochester loves nothing more than to smoke an entire pack of Marlboro Reds inside a bathroom while his favorite band is playing just around the corner. So you can imagine Mr. Garnder’s surprise when he heard Rochester’s best venue for “ripping darts inside” was losing its entertainment license.

And he’s not the only one. More than 20 of the frailest-looking men in Rochester showed up on the steps of the historic building today to show their support for the concert hall.

“The doctor told me I have two good years and about a half of a really really bad one left,” said Travis Villafane. “I planned to use them seeing every show the Armory put on and making sure anyone that poops at the concert leaves smelling like the f***ed the Joe Camel.”

This is not the only group planning to protest the city’s decision to shut down the Main Street Armory. Tomorrow there will be a candlelight vigil featuring people that love inconvenient parking. This weekend will also feature a press conference from a group called “Humans That Love Hearing Their Favorite Artist In The Worst Acoustics Imaginable.”

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