Radio Social to Also Require Pittsford Dads to Stop Talking About Their Bowling League Days

Rochester,NY- With the spread of the delta variant, local businesses are now taking extra precautions with their covid protocols. Radio social recently announced they are now requiring proof of vaccination cards in order to be allowed in. In a surprise move though, radio social also announced that Pittsford dads will not be allowed to keep bringing up their bowling league days. This is what a Radio Social rep had to say

” We know the delta variant is spreading and we want to make sure all of our customers feel safe. After many hours of discussion, we also realized the amount of old men who wont shut up about their glory days in bowling and the one time they got a “turkey”. This is more than likely a greater threat than the delta variant could ever be. We want our customers to be happy and not get sucked into some obnoxious two hour rant about bowling from someones alcoholic father”

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