To Curb City-Wide Problem, RPD to Start Riding Dirt Bikes to Make Them Uncool

Rochester, NY – Over the last month the city has seen an uptick in the number of unregistered dirt bikes and ATVs on the streets and the RPD is at their wit’s end. ‘We’ve tried education, engagement, and in some cases confiscation but everywhere you look REEE REEEEE there’s another one going by,’ a representative for the police force told the Inner Loop Blog. The crackdown is in response to two recent fatal crashes and neighborhood uproar over their potential dangers.

‘We’ve tried everything except the ‘parent method’ What is the parent method you ask? Well, it’s when parents want their children to stop doing something, so they start doing it themselves. No kid wants to be caught doing what the parent is doing because that would be super lame, so they stop doing it. We’re not by any means saying we’re parents but pretty much everyone thinks we suck so anyways we’ll be patrolling the streets like Evel Knievel. Do people know him? Is that an out dated reference?

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