Vaccine Appointments Surge After New York Adds ‘Harassed by Cuomo’ to List of Comorbidities

Rochester, NY – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is currently under investigation for harassment allegations by several women. While it appears as though he will be staying put for a while, and that an impeachment hearing could drag on for months, NY legislators have taken some steps to give the women in question some justice.

It was just announced that ‘harassed by Cuomo’ has been added to the list of comorbidities that qualify folks for the current phase of the vaccine. And to give you an the of just how many women are accusing the Governor of misconduct, following the guideline change, there has been a giant boom in female appointments statewide.

“I don’t know if he had a really bad night at SUNY Old Westbury during a speech or something but appointments instantly filled up there,” said one health official.

Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing but is reportedly amazed by how many women are consenting to get injected.

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