Man Who Has Had “F*** Cuomo” Sign in His Yard Since 2011 Now the Biggest Feminist You Know

Rochester, NY – Frank McCunghis has had an “F*** Cuomo” yard sign and bumper sticker since Governor Andres Cuomo was first elected but now he’s swapped out the sign for a “Believe Women” sign.

The Innerloop Blog reached out to the Webster man to see if the switch was simply a way to reframe his hatred of Cuomo to appeal to his liberal neighbors and McCunghis told us:

“Am I worried about him grabbing my guns more than my privates? Hell yes! But I don’t let my “Hillary Sucks, Monica Swallows” shirt fool you. I support my female friends! I might be a douchebag but I ain’t that kind of douchebag, you dig?”

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