Radio 95.1 Announce New Afternoon Show: Bimberly And Keck

Rochester, NY – In case you missed it, the radio show listened to be Rochester’s least favorite Aunts is no more. Kimberly and Beck were swiftly fired after making racist comments on the air.

Now as you may remember they’ve previously been fired for transphobic remarks as well so everyone kind of half-expected Radio 95.1 to hire them back when things cooled down.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case this time.

Their afternoon time slot has already been filled by a brand new show called “Bimberly And Keck” which promises to deliver hard-hitting local news stories, lots of lame jokes, and even lamer sound effects. As far as their racist content goes they promise to keep to a light dog whistle instead of the overt stuff their predecessors got into.


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