Local Man Was Practicing Social Distancing At The Back Of Lux Before It Was Cool

Rochester, NY – Social distancing is the hot new word since the COVID-19 pandemic has struck America. Millions of people making sure to stand at least six feet apart whether they are walking down the street, standing in line at Wegmans, or even visiting some old friends for a bonfire. Everyone is practicing social distancing. One local man in Rochester is claiming he practically invented social distancing. Here are his thoughts on this situation.

” It’s just that everyone is so quick to hop on this social distancing hype and I just think it’s bullshit stereotypical American behavior. Constantly clinging to things that were cool before they started doing it. I spent years of my life at the back of LUX just hanging by the hammock ignoring every human being in sight. Wheres my medal for that? How come I don’t get any pats on the back for standing six feet or more from people for most of my adult life. Does it have to do with the fact that my parents never hugged me? Maybe.”

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