Pittsford Mom Forced To Actually Use Decorative Soaps

Pittsford, NY – The CDC one of the best things you can do right now to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to wash your hands frequently which sounds easy enough but due to all the hoarders in Rochester, the soap supplies are running low.

Unfortunately, this has meant that many Pittsford moms like Barbara Tudim have had to take the plastic wrap off their decorative soaps and actually use them to wash their hands for the required 20 seconds.

“I have been telling all of my houseguests that they need to use the liquid soap and not the amazing $200 soap that I picked up at on that trip my husband and I took to Cape Cod. The woman that makes it uses her own breastmilk in it,” says Barbara.  “But now I am going to have to actually use it.”

Medical advisors say that decorative soap usually doesn’t have the same type of disinfecting qualities that other soaps have but they honestly don’t think Pittsford with be hit with COVID-19 since it “probably can’t afford to go there.”

One thought on “Pittsford Mom Forced To Actually Use Decorative Soaps”

  1. This is pathetic. I feel so sorry for her. Wait, no I don’t. Get over yourself. Do you not realize how many people in this world are truly struggling? Some of us have to go to work to support our families. I am willing to bet this women doesn’t work. She sits home looking for reasons to complain. Congratulations on being a terrible person.

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