Pittsford Woman Terrified to Learn That East Rochester Exists

Pittsford, NY – Whiteout conditions on I-490 east caused Pittsford native, Karen Fisher, to get off at the wrong exit on her way home.

Not exactly sure where she was, Karen reluctantly continued driving and hoped that a familiar landmark would catch her eye. Then without warning, the hulking shell of a dilapidated Wegmans came into view.

“Oh my God, what is this place?” She thought to herself as she quickly locked the doors of her brand new BMW X5.

Filled with terror, Karen frantically whipped her SUV around and sped back towards the highway. As she neared the onramp, she took one last look in her rearview mirror and spotted a sign that said, “Welcome to East Rochester.” Karen promised never to return.

2 thoughts on “Pittsford Woman Terrified to Learn That East Rochester Exists”

  1. 1. Byline shows Pittsfield, NY, not Pittsford.
    2. Don’t be dissin’ Fairport Rd. Wegmans. It may be smaller and the oldest store in the chain but it’s not dilapidated and we can get in and out of it fairly easily…
    Just sayin’…

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