Western NY Moms Promise Josh Allen 1,000 Pies If He Doesn’t Ruin Thanksgiving by “Losing Sports Game”

Dallas, TX – Josh Allen, quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, is fully aware that the fate of Thanksgiving lies in his giant, majestic, hands. Moms from all over Western NY have pledged to send him and the rest of the team 1,000 pies using their “world-famous recipes” if he could just win and not send all the males coming to Turkey Day dinner into a spiraling rage.

“We are fully aware that even if the Bills win that our husbands and fathers will still get blackout drunk, but at least that drinking will come from a happy place,” said the mom coalition in their note to Josh Allen.

“We’re down to one table in our house. Please don’t lose and force our Buffalo lovers to body slam our dining room table. It’s all we have left Josh.”

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