Kappell/Warren Hearings Come to Halt After the Former Meteorologist Tries to Use the Word “Niggardly”

Rochester, NY – Former News10 WHEC meteorologist Jeremy Kappell has taken Mayor Lovely Warren to court over her statements following his televised “linguistic flub” where he “accidentally” said a racial slur.

Kappell’s attorney alleges the Mayor put pressure on his former employer by calling for his firing and that his client was terminated 18 minutes after the mayor’s Facebook post was published.

Sources tell The InnerLoop Blog that closed-door hearings have come to a screeching halt after Kappell described the City of Rochester refusing to pay restitution as “niggardly.”

This was the proper use of the word which the dictionary defines as “not generous; stingy.” Unfortunately, Kappell’s voice did slip a little bit and it may have sounded like he switched the ‘ar’ sound to a hard ‘er’ sound.

His representation says this is a huge misunderstanding and that Kappell had a frog in his throat.

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