Man Witnessing Public Breakup Unsure If It’s a Part of Fringe Fest or Not

Rochester, NY – A man who is currently just trying to enjoy his life couldn’t help but notice a couple at the corner of East Ave and Gibbs St is having a very public fight.

“Yeah they’re about an inch from each other’s faces, just screaming at each other”, said the witness, a local RG&E worker on his lunch break. “I would assume it was just another case of two miserable people having it out, but I know there’s this fancy street festival going on where people do all kinds of weird shit for no reason.”

The altercation first came to his attention when he saw the man throw his arms up and start to walk away, which seemed to escalate the situation.

“Then he called her sister a bitch, that did not seem to calm her down, in fact, she returned that by calling him ‘a limp-dicked alcoholic loser who sucks at NBA 2K’. After that for awhile it was difficult to pick out individual words, it was just sort of a lot of yelling.”

While he couldn’t determine whether the situation was rehearsed or improvised, our source said he definitely enjoyed the show.

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