Rochester Prepares Itself for the Great Cereal Bar War of 2019

Rochester, NY – Morgan’s Cereal Bar is set to open in September at 320 East Ave, a shot across the bow of Pop Roc, Rochester’s original cereal bar located at 337 East Ave. And like that the die in the Great Cereal Bar War was cast, something Rochesterians will surely be telling their grandchildren and folk songs will be written about.

‘This is almost like opening a bar where you destroy stuff across the street from a bar where you chuck axes but way worse, ya know.” Steve McAdams of Fairport told the Interloop Blog.

Pop Roc, who celebrated its One Year Anniversary back in April not only offers various cereal creation options but also caffeine concoctions, comics, and memorabilia. Morgan’s cereal bar will not only offer cold cereal but also hot cereal. No doubt the cereal bar war will rage on for years leaving hundreds dead and the city in rubble. But there’s no sense in crying over spilled milk.

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