HBO’s Chernobyl Producers Announce “More Horrifying Documentary” of the Hotel Cadillac Renovations

Rochester, NY – “The things we’ve seen here are terrifying,” said one former Chernobyl Producer about their new project titled “Hotel Cadillac.” The new series will follow the teams working on the $16M renovation of the Rochester landmark.

HBO hopes to capitalize on the popularity of environmental disasters with Rochester’s biggest health hazard.

“Do you remember the naked miners from Chernobyl that had to dig that tunnel? Get ready to see some naked contractors that have to work that way because of their clothing sticks to the carpet as they’re trying to rip it up” said director N. Might Malasean.

In an effort to avoid any spoilers we will not go into the sneak preview of the show they let us watch but we will say there is a scene where they have to call in a priest to perform an exorcism on the old linens in the building, and after watching that, we know demons exist, and they all still reside in the Hotel Cadillac.

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