Man Who Lives Near Ginna Power Plant Hearing Good Things About HBO’s “Chernobyl” with His Third Ear

ONTARIO, NY – Despite HBO’s Chernobyl being one of the highest rated television series of all time, a recent survey shows that people living near Ginna Nuclear Power Plant haven’t yet watched the series.

“We are just watching other stuff. It has nothing to do with it being a scary story about a nuke plant killing everyone nearby it. We feel really safe! It’s great living here” said a four-armed woman who lives a street over from Ginna.

“Everyone is talking about that show! It seems like a must watch” said Barry Stephens who lives just one house over from the Power Plant. “When I say everyone, I mean everyone. I can hear everything within a 50-mile radius with my third ear.

“Doctors tell me living near the reactor gave me this super listening ability. They also tell me I have maybe two good years left before my body melts into mush! Better binge it tonight!”

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