Greece Ridge Mall Officially Converts Entire Plaza To Large MetroPCS Store

Greece, NY. – In a combined effort to increase mobile sales and decrease quality of life in Western New York, the administration staff at Greece Ridge Mall has agreed to halt all mall property and retail rights to the upcoming cellular market distributor MetroPCS.

The mall stores will be closed and all employee staff will be released with inalienable rights. Any store personnel that was being held prisoner by mall security will have both their handcuffs freed and contracts for employment nullified. Some store management and keyholders haven’t left the plaza grounds since early 2014, 5 years after being sucked into the “College Alternative Career Style” or “I won’t shoplift where I work” lifestyles provided by the mall.

The agreement details concluded in a lucrative outcome for the mall employees including an Individual Freedoms Clause. Due to this agreement, all prisoners and staff that have been chained to the mall stores will be released.

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