The Cloud Factory Unveils New Line of Wine Flavored E-Liquids for Mother’s Day

ROCHESTER, NY – In an attempt to appeal to an older demographic, Rochester vape chain The Cloud Factory has unveiled a new line of wine flavored e-liquid for Mother’s Day.

Assistant manager Jared Caruso had the following to say about the promotion:

“For Mother’s Day we sat down and really brainstormed, you know? We were like ‘what do moms like?’ And this is what we came up with. So if your mom likes to chief that hot cotton now she can do it her way.”

The line features a number of flavors, including Righteous Riesling, Bitchin Blush, Poppin Pinot, and others.

“Yeah no one really likes it who’s tested it,” Caruso admits. “But we don’t really like wine either so we think it’s probably right on the money.”

The Cloud Factory has also teased a beer flavored e-liquid line released before Father’s Day.

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