5 Wineries At The Tasting Expo To Yell “Mama Needs Some Wine!”

ROCHESTER, NY – The Lilac Festival kicks off this weekend but there’s only one thing we give a damn about…WINE BABY WINE!

  • Casa Larga

A well known winery in the Fairport area, you can roll up on screaming at the top of your lungs that mama (you) needs some freaking wine baby!!!! Woo you better pace yourself honey because we still have four more to go! Wine!

  • Black Button Distilling

Better known for their whiskeys, they are bringing some real quality vino to the table this year. Quality or not, their sommelier better be ready to have you absolutely destroying your their ear drums by shouting “MAMA NEEDS SOME WINE!!!!!” It’s wine o clock and mama needs sippy sips.

  • Apple Country Spirits

Coming all the way from Williamson, this lovely little winery is bringing some real tasty treats to Lilac this year. And you are bringing an unrelenting thirst for sweet berry wine that will not allow you to physically contain your enthusiasm for alcoholic grapes as you bellow “MAMA NEEDS SOME WINE AND KETTLE CORN” because you gotta eat something soon or you’ll pass out (and miss out on more wine!!!)

  • Main Street Winery

Wyoming County’s first winery, they’ll be in attendance at the wine expo with a bevy of great wine options. After traveling all this way, they will not be expecting you to be running full speed with an empty novelty size wine glass you purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond shrieking like a woman who is missing one thing in life and that is a full glass of Merlot because damnit, MAMA NEEDS SOME WINEEEEEEEE.

  • Iron Smoke Whiskey

Another local whiskey distiller bringing their wine A game to the Expo, where they could have never expected a blackout drunk mother of 4 to leap onto their sample table, grab a full bottle out of their cooler, and announce to the entire crowd of festival attendees once and for all…





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