Desperately Hungry Man Breaks Into Display Box of Flutie Flakes

Buffalo, NY – A Western NY man did the unthinkable last night and dug into a box of “Flutie Flakes” that has been amongst his Buffalo Bills memorabilia since 1998.

Tom Tomward of Buffalo woke up with a hunger he could not shake. He went to the fridge and the pantry and found nothing to eat. He contemplated order some late night GrubHub but looked at his bank account to see that it was depleted due to some recent investments.

He was down on his luck and needed some last minute quick thinking. “I had to be like Doug Flutie in the 4th Quarter back in the day” Mr. Tomward told The InnerLoop Blog. That’s when it hit him.  “I had to try those Flute Flakes.”

While the delicious cereal was well past the expiration date on the box filled up a big bowl with the stale flakes and went to town on it. He told us he knew he was safe since “we all know that expiration dates are just a conspiracy created by Danny Wegman to sell more Food You Feel Good About.”

You can send flowers and cards to Mr. Tomward at the Mercy Hospital of Buffalo.

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