Democrat & Chronicle Social Media Manager Has No Fear of Judgement Day

ROCHESTER, NY – Some people believe they have seen their nightmares become reality. Betsy Linklater believes she is one of those people.

“I have been working as the social media manager for the D&C for the last 3 months and after starting therapy, being diagnosed with PTSD, and falling into a deep and uncontrollable addiction to opiates I’ve realized one thing: I’ve seen the depths of hell and there is nothing death could do to instill fear in me.”

Was it racism? The nonstop vitriol towards women? The near constant hatred of everything the media does regardless of how harmless or apolitical the story? “All of it. The internet was a mistake, and our suffering will not end until the sun swallows us. I welcome our future fiery death, and I want to hold hands with the climate change deniers as the skin melts off our bodies.”

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