Rusted Root “Devastated” by Rochester Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Snub

ROCHESTER, NY – “Who is more Rock & Roll Rochester than the only band that comes to mind any time you attend literally any outdoor concert in this city??” RR lead singer Michael Glabicki shouted from his self made yurt in Highland Park.

“Maybe next year they say. I’ve called them at least 50 times in the past year asking how they can overlook a band that lives, breathes, eats, and definitely lives here 365 days a year and makes 100% of our money from festival gigs? I mean, I assume we get some sort of cash prize for the distinction too. Or at least a plaque for my yurt.”

Reached for comment a voter stated “while we respect them as a band and will consider them in future years, we just can’t ‘send them on their way’ just yet”

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