Genesee Keg Tree Toppled After NACKA Vs KLOR Keg Stand Showdown

ROCHESTER, NY – It was a scene straight out of West Side Story if the “West Side” was Greece and the “story” was reckless intoxication after playing a sport intended for 4th graders.

“Those jerks thought they were gonna get an easy win today but we brought our A game and at least three of the guys on our team have keg stand abilities that easily overshadow the absence in their children’s lives.” Said Max Mokena of KLOR team Spiral Red Velvet Rainbow Bubblegum Chocolate Peppermint Phish Food

When all the foam settled, KLOR came out on top wheone of the players on NACKA committed a foul by tipping a keg over before it was completely tapped.


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