Six Flags Bought Darien Lake Again, But The Good News Is That Dancing Bald Guy Is In Prison!

ROCHESTER, NY – Darien Lake has once again been taken over by the Six Flags once again, with memories of that creepy dude dancing to that insufferable Vengaboys song in commercials that seemingly aired on a loop years ago.

Well we have a silver lining to this story: That dancing bald asshole is in prison! Lanny Beeson, who is not actually an elderly dancing man but just some choreographer in an old guy makeup, has pled guilty to 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon. He also pled guilty to charges involving conspiracy to commit fraud via selling bogus tickets to Six Flags to an undercover cop in exchange for sexual favors that included a request to be penetrated by Flo from the Progressive commercials while wearing a BK King mask.

So while it stinks to have a corporate giant take over our beloved local theme park and home of the Superman, at least we won’t be bombarded with creepy masked men dancing to 90s Dutch Eurodance music in between commercial breaks for The Handmaids Tale.

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