Hetero Man Alone in TiLT Feels Brave

ROCHESTER, NY – Jackie Robinson. Rosa Parks. Elizabeth Cady Stanton. And now a new hero of the civil rights movement emerges in the form of Best Buy Geek Squad employee and staunch heterosexual man, Dave Bowman of Penfield.

What did Dave do to join this elite list of strong willed individuals hell bent on breaking barriers of race, gender, and class? He entered Tilt Night Club & Ultralounge, a place known for being accepting of people of all races, genders, and sexual preferences; as a straight white male without a girlfriend or gay cousin to provide guidance.

“Honestly, I’m just like any other person who walks in here, except for my crippling fear of people thinking I’m gay. That fear kept me away for a long time, but Abilene is kinda far from my place and if I’m going to drink alone I’d prefer to be surrounded by very supportive dudes telling me I’m beautiful.”

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