New Bar on South Ave “CUX” Opening For People Who Just Want To Watch People Smoke Blunts And F***

The popular bar LUX has some friendly competition coming in next door, but they won’t be competing for customers. CUX will offer their patrons the rare opportunity to watch what goes on behind LUX without having to enter the 666 South Ave bar.

“Ya know, some people don’t always want to go to a cool bar, watch drag shows, or participate in the sex and drug acts commonly permitted behind this den of iniquity. But they do want to watch the debauchery from afar while sipping a drink of their own.” Said bar owner Willups Brigglesmith who admits he has never had sex or “smoked a weed” but is a huge fan of voyeur.

A tented deck overlooking the backyard of Lux will offer privacy to the patrons who wish to look upon the Lux visitors, while fans of humiliation can pay a fee to have one of the Lux customers throw a half full cans of PBR at them.

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