Racism Reversed: Black Cop Shoots White Teen

Rochester, NY- In a turn of events that can only be called historic, racism has been deemed ended when an african-american police officer shot a white teen without provocation.

The late Terry Williams, age 15, was walking back to his suburban two story home when he was stopped by officer James Gomét, age 45. Before Terry could even put his hands in the air, the police officer emptied his pistol into the brave youth, then dropped a knife and a small amount of crack cocaine on the body, claiming “He charged me, he had a wild look in his eyes, there is crack cocaine on his body”.

Terry’s father, Evan,  a tax representative with H&R block, was shocked at first;

“It was hard to hear that little Tere-Bear was gone, but now he will go down in history as the boy who ended racism, so its a bitter-sweet moment for us.” Stated Evan at his son’s wake.

Terry’s brave action has earned him a statue to be erected next to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in New York City.

“Where so many others had failed, a white, suburban, upper class, teenage male has risen to the occasion, and given us true change” Said Rochester justice Matthew Rosenbaum, tears in his eyes, “Thank god for that little white, rich, privileged boy.”

Hon. Rosenbaum declined to comment on the death sentencing of officer James Gomét without trial.

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