Webster Child Baptized In Charlie Riedel’s Pickle Bucket

Webster, NY – Charlie Riedel’s Restaurant is a huge part of many Websterian diets and now it’s a huge reason why one of them could be going to heaven.

The restaurant just hosted its very first baby baptism this afternoon with the help of a local priest and one of Charlie’s famous pickle buckets. Amid the delightful aroma of sizzling burgers and the faint cries of confused customers, 3-month-old Thomas Aaron Leaven was dunked into the sweet pickles and declared “purified and sanctified with a side of fries!”

While most local religious leaders we spoke to were simply excited to have a story involving a child be published that wasn’t horrific, some did express concerns with the ceremony.

“I’m all for innovation, but there’s something a bit off about dunking a baby in a vat of pickles,” said Pastor Mabel Crispen of the First Congregational Church. “Baptism is a sacred tradition, and it deserves a bit more reverence than being pickled like a cucumber.”

If you’re interested in giving your newborn a brining of a lifetime, simply call or text anyone named Chuck, Charlie, Charles, Chip, or Chas. They will be able to set something up for you.

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