Teddy bear found on the side of the road in Rochester inside a stolen Kia

Heartbreaking: Orphaned 104 Teddy Bear Turns to a Life of Crime, Spotted in Stolen Kia

Greece, NY – The teddy bear that stole our hearts this week is now breaking them after it was discovered the stuffed animal has gone criminal.

You may have seen the photos of the teddy bear a local woman found abandoned on 104 in Greece and her campaign online to find its rightful owner. What you haven’t seen yet is the shocking update that after no one came forward, the abandoned teddy decided to take to the streets and turn to a life of crime to get by.

“It’s like the Rochester version of Corduroy,” said an RPD officer, “but instead of a lost button, this bear is on the hunt for his next big score.”

The once-huggable creature you saw online has now become a cunning bandit, honing its skills under the cloak of darkness. It used to be a source of comfort, but now its presence strikes fear into all children that cross its path.

According to arrest records sent to The Innerloop Blog by an anonymous source, the bear was caught last night joining in the trend of stealing Kias. Thanks to bail reform and a sympathetic judge who still sleeps with their childhood stuffed animal, the teddy is back out on the streets.


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