Rochester Music Hall of Fame inductees include Gyrosphere Mixtape and Wegmans Card Reader

Rochester, NY – The Rochester Music Hall of Fame just announced their newest inductees and it includes some of the most recognizable sounds in Western NY.

Boomers and Millenials that visited Seabreeze when their knees still worked will be happy to find the mixed tape played in the Gyrosphere will finally be getting the credit it deserves. The original ‘Fire on High’ cassette tape and “Twilight Zone” CD-R will be placed in the museum in a very special room that will mimic the experience from the amusement park ride.

“We’re going to be blasting those songs at a level that can only be describe as ‘ear-bleeding loud’ and there will be volunteers there to spit on you like the teenage passengers riding the Gyrosphere used to,” said a ROC Music HOF organizer.

The credit card reader at Wegmans is also getting enshrined for it’s well-known whimsical chime that lets shoppers know ‘we got your money again you idiot.’

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