Buffalo Bills Release Renderings Of Future Men’s Bathrooms Featuring Tiered Troughs

Orchard Park, NY – This week the Buffalo Bills released a few renderings of their new stadium but The Innerloop Blog was given the first look at one of the most critical areas to fans. The men’s restroom.

According to some of the insiders working on the project, the urinals have been built with “nostalgia” in mind.

They will feature two trough urinals stacked on top of each other. “One for kids and short fellas, another for tall guys and dudes that have drank enough that their stream can reach the extended height.”

When asked about upgrades to the restrooms the builders told us that they made sure to spend “the least amount of time conceptualizing the bathroom” but did factor in that men will “undoubtedly be peeing into the sink no matter what we do.”

To combat the smell and germs of that inevitability they plan to install a  Wegmans Produce Style Spraying System that will go off every fifteen minutes to wash away “old piss and make way for new piss.”

The plans interestingly also do not include soap dispensers as years of bathroom use at the old stadium proved no one is actually washing their hands, making soap an easy budget cut.

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