With Restrictions Lifted, Greece Family Excited to Have ‘Fancy Meal’ Inside Olive Garden Again

Greece, NY – This past week, Governor Andrew Cuomo lifted restrictions for restaurants located within the orange zone, allowing for indoor dining. The Olive Garden located on Ridge Road in Greece was one such restaurant that opened its doors to patrons excited to enjoy an ‘authentic’ Italian meal.

“I picked up my kids from their father’s house and told them momma’s taking ya’ll out for a fancy meal tonight,’ Monica Lane, mother of four told the Inner Loop Blog. ‘Unlimited breadsticks is for sure worth risking my family’s health over, c’mon now. Listen, it’s been a tough couple of months and I just needed a salad on a chilled plate and a pasta dish smothered with way too much sauce and cheese. I mean, is that so much to ask for? We can’t travel no where on a count of all this covid b.s. but at the Olive Garden, there’s always the Tour of Italy. Now, stuff the rest of them breadsticks in momma’s purse so we can get another order to go.”

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