Penfield Family Demands Santa Wear a Mask Before Entering Chimney

Penfield, NY – With COVID-19 continuing to spread across Monroe county, one local family decided not to take any chances this holiday season.

“Little Billy really wanted to ask Santa for a PS5 this year,” Billy’s mother told the blog, “but I thought it would be better if he wrote a letter demanding Santa follow all COVID-19 related guidelines before entering this house.”

The letter also contains a detailed plan for sanitizing Santa’s workshop and culling the entire reindeer population in the North Pole to prevent the virus from spreading.

“He darn well better have quarantined for at least 15 days before setting foot in our chimney,” Billy’s father said, “he might be an asymptomatic spreader of COVID and holiday cheer.”

The family decided this year it would be best if they leave sanitizer and rapid COVID-19 tests for Santa instead of milk and cookies.

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