Out of Work Greece Ridge Mall Santa Arrested for Hooking on Lyell Ave

Rochester, NY – ‘Santa got to pay them bills somehow,’ Steve Romine, a former Greece Ridge Mall Santa Claus told the Inner Loop Blog of his recent prostitution arrest.

‘This year has been especially tough for me and my community. I’m of course talking about mall Santas. Listen, I usually get paid a decent living to have kids sit on my lap, tell me what they want for Christmas, you know the routine. But this year, I’m making a decent living off of grown adults sitting on my lap and having me tell them how naughty they’ve been. And let me be straight with you, they’ve been very very naughty. Anyways, apparently, that’s illegal in the state of New York. Uh, thanks King Cuomo! Now I’ve shaved the beard and I bus tables at the Cheese Cake Factory. It’s not the same but I tell you what, getting paid in avocado egg rolls ain’t as bad as it sounds.’

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