Local Man Ticketed For Driving Boat Sober On Irondequoit Bay

Irondequoit, NY – Every summer, Irondequoit Bay is packed with intoxicated boaters. For most, it’s understood that if you go boating on the bay, you do it drunk. That wasn’t the case for Sam Finch this past Saturday, however.

“I saw this boat pass us, obeying all the boating regulations. It looked suspicious, so we pulled up next to it,” said Monroe County Deputy, Tim Haskins. “I looked into the driver’s eyes, and they were clear – not glassy at all. I asked, “Have you had anything to drink?” To which the driver replied, “I’ve had like three or four beers.” I didn’t believe him, though, so I gave him a breathalyzer, and as I suspected, it turned out he had not had anything to drink.”

“I don’t know what got into me,” Finch told an Inner Loop reporter. “I should have chugged some of that Tequila my friend offered.”

“I was going to arrest him, but then he shotgunned a Genny right in front of me, so I let him off with a ticket,” said Haskins. “But next time I’m taking him downtown.”

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