Charlotte Beach Speedo Rollerblader to Host ‘Bachelor Style’ Competition to Find Next Great Blader

Rochester, NY – The infamous Charlotte speedo rollerblader we’ve all come to know and love is finally hanging up the blades and retiring from his post. We all grew up watching this half-naked crusader parade his wrinkly body around the Charlotte pier area, but don’t worry this won’t be the end.

When he announced his retirement, he also announced he will be hosting a bachelorette style competition show on WXXI in search of the next great speedo blader to take over his post. We got a chance to speak to him about the exciting news and he told us “Many years ago I was handed down this great responsibility to rip around Charlotte to add pizazz to our underwhelming beach area, did you guys just think I did this for my own health?”

The show will assemble 20 of the best bladers in the Rochester area, they will be judged on grace, body control, speed, balance and how well they fill the speedo. The winner will be passed down the exact speedo he has worn for the past 40 years and take on these duties to the best of his ability to keep our city proud.

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