Monroe Ave Bartender Complains About $450 Rent Minutes After Paying for $300 Haircut

ROCHESTER, NY – Just days before her rent was due, one anonymous Monroe Avenue bartender went on social media ranting about her rent is too damn high 10 minutes after showing off the new hairstyle she received over at The Spa at The Del Monte, which had already received 172 likes on Facebook.

After being pressed on the issue, she defended herself by saying it was an investment, even though it isn’t a tax write-off.

Upon further investigation, our sources revealed that she only pays $450 to split her three-bedroom walk-up, conveniently located within half a mile of her employers.

When asked how she feels about her job, she replied: “I absolutely love it here, even though you get your fair share of douchebags. You can tell who they are the second they walk in the door.

“My regulars are super nice and I can make three-to-five hundred on Friday and Saturday nights.”

The math just didn’t seem to add up, so we investigated the matter further and found out most of that money earned was spent at that very establishment on her days off, ‘cute’ clothes, and on Seamless.

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