Double-Wide Stroller Causes 200 Person Pileup At Lilac Festival

ROCHESTER, NY – Some rich prick named Bethany or Skylar caused a 200 person traffic jam on the walking path at Lilac Festival today.

Her Hyundai Double-Wide stroller and her crappy kids are moving slower than cheese through intestines down as they make the loop around the festival.

Instead of pulling off to the side like a decent human being, she has decided that it’s her world, and we’re living in it, so get ready to make awkward small talk at the Verizon Booth because you’re going to be stuck in front of it for awhile.

Oh cool, her kid just dropped their binky, and she ran it over with the wheels of the stroller that look like their all-terrain approved. You could pick it up and give it back to her but you know she’s not going to say thank you.

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