Disgusting! This Man Only Wants to Sleep With Women He Finds Attractive

The courageous fight for body positivity, fought almost completely on the feeds of Tumblr and Facebook, has found itself face to face with another threat. That threat is Brody Shomaker. In response to a question posed by Heidi Connors, a brave journalist for Jezebel, Shomaker said he normally only seeks out sexual intimacy with women he sees as attractive. What a pig! As if his male standards should dictate how a woman should look.

Luckily Connors wasn’t afraid to press his fragile male ego. She went on to ask him where he got off. Gross person Shomaker attempted to defend himself pathetically saying, “I don’t see what the big deal is, it’s pretty basic human nature. Sexual attraction isn’t a new concept. Women do it, too.” Wow, what a condescending asshole. Connors rightfully scolded Shomaker for thinking he, a man, was able to speak on behalf of women.

This mentality, that who you are physically attracted to should somehow affect who you choose to become intimate with is both archaic and dangerous. Is that what we are supposed to teach our daughters?

Shomaker went on to further “explain his position,” go ahead Brody, keep digging yourself deeper. The entitled prick told Connors, “I just think this whole conversation is a bit ridiculous. I’m not some sexist pig. I have a degree in Gender Studies. I wrote my thesis on Susan B. Anthony. I interned at NOW for godsakes.”

Good try, Brody. But the internet sees you for who you are. All we can do is hope that men like Shomaker will one day be woke. Until then, women everywhere should continue posting rants on social media about any exchange that can be in any way construed as bigoted or sexist.

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