Bathroom Riots at Blue Cross as Local Man Makes Sandwich

Rochester, NY – Brandon Crater, a local Corn Hill Landing man, was browsing his Facebook feed and happened upon an Intranet Meeem about trans-gendered bathrooms being a result of President Obamas administration.

“I know it was only one of those 4Chans,” said Crater. “But it really messed with my jimmies. It was a picture of President Bush with the caption ‘When I was in office, people knew what bathroom to use.’ I don’t really care too much for the intranets or the meeems on it, but it just made me uncomfortable. Trans gendered people have been using bathrooms they’ve been comfortable with for decades. The only people making it difficult are the old and bigoted white men that make laws that encourage intolerance.”

Brandon Crater responded to the meeem with a quick Facebook post then went into his kitchen to make a sandwich. When he returned to his desk, he looked outside of his Corn Hill apartment building and saw the flames and anarchy he had created downtown.

“I got back to my computer and had over five hundred notifications. At first I just kept laughing and eating my turkey on rye. I don’t care all that much about the movement because it doesn’t affect me. I still find it really funny that I created that much argument from one joke post on Facebook.”

“When I saw the riots downtown and all my friends that were posting on my status were throwing Molotov Cocktails into the windows at Blue Cross, all I could do was laugh because it was so funny how butt hurt all of these people got in the matter of seconds.”

The riots will forever be known as the Adult Infidelity Defecation Scuffle or AIDS for short.

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