I Go to Protests Because I Demand CHANGE, and Pepsi.

Rochester, NY- Everyone knows that I, as a good white feminist, go to protests to demand social change. I am sickened by the state of the world, as you can tell by my witty signs. I wrote that sign myself and I did not plagiarize Amanda. In fact, I got far more instagram likes than Amanda. Did you see my instagram likes?

Anyway, I digress. I knew that it was important for me to make my white woman voice heard throughout the land, but little did I realize what I would be getting in return. A stronger sense of self? Maybe. A deep satisfaction knowing that I had been the change I wished to see in the world? Perhaps. But my true prize? The sweet saccharine taste of an ice cold Pepsi. When I saw my guru, Kendall Jenner, bringing people of all races and creeds together through the power of Pepsi (the sad, fugly sister of Coke) I knew that I could have it all. Police Brutality? Not anymore. Not while I have this fresh case of sugary cola delight to stop the oppression. You’re welcome, people of color! I saved the day. Thanks, Pepsi. Thanks, Kendall. Ghandi would be proud. And I know, because I know one Ghandi quote.

Love, Madelein

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