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A Look Back At All The Sad Handjobs That Happened At Movies 10

Rochester,NY- A sad day has fallen upon Rochester; a beloved establishment is closing down. Cinemark Movies 10 in Brighton has given us such classics as “drunk guy vomiting in the front row” or “mother of six can’t believe what her kids are doing”. This movie theatre has served as a stomping ground for everyone who didn’t have the heart to spend twenty dollars a ticket at conventional movie theatres. To honor this fallen hero, here is a look back at some sad handjobs that took place at Movies 10.

Josh Hartwick, 19-

I’ll never forget the first time I went to movies 10, I took out this cute girl I met on tinder to go see the new Despicable Me 2. So I’m trying to make the moves on this girl, but she’s all like “We can’t do this here, don’t you see all these kids here”. So we went into the back row and I received my saddest handjob ever, I can’t say it was a life changing experience, but now I know what hot popcorn butter feels like on my dick.

David Burnette, 27-

Movies 10 was like handjob buffet for me, I mean it’s pretty much the only place I would ever get a handy anymore. This one chick I took there gave me my first handjob with both hands, crazy intense experience! Not to mention, Despicable Me 2 was so much funnier than the original. Is there anything Steve Carell can’t do?

Lenny Nultzer, 24

Are they really closing? This is crazy, where else am I supposed to get my handjobs? My car? I can’t watch Despicable Me 2 in my car? I use to have this routine with a couple of buddies where we would meet up at Movies 10 to see Despicable Me 2 and give each other handjobs in the back row. Where will we go now? Also, is there anything Steve Carell can’t do?