Rusted Root Headlines Lilac Festival, All Other Rochester Festivals As Per Agreement With Dark Lord

You may have heard that Rusted Root of “that one song in Matilda” fame will be headlining this years Lilac Festival and all other summer festivals in the Rochester, NY area as per their agreement with Satan years ago for granting them a hit song you’ve likely heard in various commercials for rental car companies.  “Well Rochester is a really great place to perform, and as much as we’d all like to see our families back in Pittsburgh and experience freedom from a lifetime of enslavement, it’s pretty sweet we’re still remembered for that song that was on the Party of 5 soundtrack in 1996” said lead singer Michael Glabicki, who was currently chained to the Jazz Fest stage eating a molded hot dog roll.

Excitement for the concerts has been tepid, but people still enjoy the pleasant background noise provided while they get drunk and look at the purple flowered bushes. “Oh they’re coming here again? That’s cool. They have that song ‘Hey Jealousy’, I think” said local hot dog vendor Hal Gomes “also they help keep the rats away from my cart by catching and eating them for sustenance. They’re a part of our community now, and I can’t wait to hear them at my buddy’s barbecue on Saturday”

Local man can’t decide if he wants to hang outside of Lux or Bugjar tonight

Rochester, NY –  It’s a Thursday night and while to most people this could be just another day to go about their daily lives and enjoy a simple day filled with simple decisions, today wont be that day for Joseph Reeves. Joseph is an ordinary guy like the rest of us, but tonight he’ll have to make a very crucial decision, does he want to hang outside of Lux or Bugjar tonight. We spoke to Joseph to see how his decision is coming along. “It’s not as easy as people think, each bar offers a completely different kind of experience, if I hang outside of Bugjar I know at least one or two guys who will bum me a smoke, but if I were to be outside of Lux tonight I could easily snag someones drink off a table who left it behind, either way I still need time to think about this.” Joseph said.

Joseph stepped away for a moment to see if his bus was coming or not. “Sorry, these damn things never run of time. Bugjar is a great place, sometimes I pretend I’m one of the guys from Joywave and the bouncer usually lets me in for free, Rochester really is a great place for being able to slip through the cracks without anyone noticing.” Joseph said. His cellphone started ringing, Joseph turned it off. “God damn agents, they wont stop bothering me, it’s crazy how you start to blow up a little bit and people wont stop trying to ask yah for money, I’m with Joywave, did I mention that? You don’t happen to have a smoke do yah?”

Joseph scrambled through his jacket pockets and took out an E-Cig, “These things are much better for you than real cigarettes and you don’t have to worry about your roommate getting suspicious about missing smokes, I think I may go to Lux tonight,  I like to generally chug three to four Gennys before I head out anywhere and It’s easier to find Lux with their big blurry neon sign, It’s crazy how they were able to make a sign blurry.”

Joseph stepped back and threw up all over his jacket. “Being a musician is really stressful, f*** both of these places man, I’m hanging outside of Skylark tonight, the bouncer their loves my artwork.”

Five signs you live in a crawl space above Applebees

It’s two in the morning, you climb up your ladder into your favorite crawl space and you start to unwind from a long day at work, as you take off your clothes and head into your sleeping bag, you hear a familiar sound coming from below you, “Would you like to do our two for twenty tonight? The mozzarella sticks are my favorite”. Those thoughts start to flow through your head again and you start thinking to yourself. Am I living above an Applebees? We’ve all been there and sadly we didn’t see the signs until it was too late. Well I’m here to help you identify this issue before it destroys your life. Here are five signs that you may be living in a crawl space above an Applebees.

1. The trash is filled with chicken penne meals  You’re on your usual garbage run to find dinner and you can’t stop but notice all these f***ing chicken penne meals filling up your trash. Thats a good sign you may be living above an Applebees. Applebees is known for their terrible chicken penne meals, so it’s no surprise that people would just dispose of them like any other trash.

2. Your room is lit up by a Wal-Mart sign across the street-  While it’s really convenient that you don’t have to use your lanterns to guide yourself through your crawl space, you’ve always felt a bit uneasy by the bright blue lights of Wal-Mart. Applebees always tend to not stray too far from a local Wal-Mart. Applebees and Walmart usually go hand in hand for a “Family night out” for local suburbanite fathers who hate their lives.

3. You can always hear Steve and Tina arguing–  You’re trying to eat your usual can of pork n beans and you hear it. Steve and Tina arguing over half price appetizers again. Every week they come and Tina wants the grilled chicken wonton tacos and Steve really wants boneless wings and they always can’t decide. We know this argument isn’t about half price appetizers and more that their just uncertain about where their relationship is headed and insecurities being shown in a below par restaurant.

4. Your police scanner picks up eighties songs–  It’s just another Tuesday night and you’re relaxing listening to the local crime station to see if anyone has found out where you live and if your parents even care anymore and all of sudden, carry on my wayward son starts blasting through your scanner! Applebees loves to shove poorly made music down the ear holes of their customers.

 5. Your mother and father keep telling you to come home and stop living above an Applebees–  You’re annoying parents who never listened to you and always put everything in their life above you wont stop bothering you to come down from the crawl space above Applebees and return to normal life and maybe if you just took your medication these kind of incidents wont happen anymore and we won’t be known as the “Strange” family in town anymore..

These signs are not guarantees you’re living in a crawl space above Applebees, but I’ve used my knowledge of living in various crawl spaces over the years to help you on your journey to a better life!


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